Social Media & Digital Marketing

With 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most widely used social platform by quite a bit. Whatever your business goal; brand exposure, website traffic, lead generation—Facebook should, and likely will, make up a sizable part of your marketing strategy in the coming year.

57% of consumers say social media influences their shopping, led by Facebook at 44%.

Social Media Monthly Business Page Posts and Management for
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Posts per Week / Monthly Costs
2 posts/week   $250/month
3 posts/week   $325/month
4 posts/week   $425/month
5 posts/
week   $499/month
Add posts to your blog for an additional fee. We can also make posts across all your social media
platforms each week. Please ask for details and pricing.

Digital Marketing / Facebook Advertising
Facebook marketing can be Extremely Impactful to your bottom line. This is a very affordable way to reach targeted demographics for sales, promotions etc. We provide you with monthly tracking and analytics on your ads, so you are able to see how effective the ads are.


Social Media Advertising Fees
We charge a one time $100 ad set up fee (we set up 5 ads to run each month) + 25%

of your advertising spend per month with a minimum of $50/monthly fee.


Facebook is sometimes a tough nut to crack... but then again, we love to crack nuts!

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