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About Halo Creatives

Our passion is to design, create and work hard to deliver exactly what you are looking for...

Success for your business, which starts with a fantastic Online Presence!

Halo Creatives Group was founded in 2009 to help small businesses improve their online presence and marketing. We want to help your business grow and the best way to do this, is to create strong consistent branding across All online venues, from your website to social media platforms to email marketing campaigns!


When your business is consistent in these online areas, it tells customers that you are passionate about your business,

your products and services, AND that you care about your customers.

Need Ideas?  We Can Help...

Don't Be Shy...

While Graphic Designers are not uncommon, what we can do for you is.

Halo Creatives is loaded with innovative ways to promote your business to the public.

We can help you with traditional print marketing, and are well versed in social media marketing and management, plus a host of creative design ideas.

Once we understand your goals, we can work together to deliver your vision.

We admit it - We're a bit different, but it's by choice!

All Halo Designed Websites Include:

Free Consultation   

Follow Google Webmaster Protocols    

Mobile Friendly Design

Contact Us Form    

Google Map   

Cloud Managed Hosting   

Quick, Reliable Support

Basic SEO
SSL Certificate- Securing Your Site

Halo Creatives Basic SEO Includes:

We complete all SEO requirements based on Google Webmaster Protocol. This is completed on every page and area of your website including all images, as we build your site. We also analyze key word phrases for strength and use the best key word phrases for your website and make sure these key word phrases are included in the page content.  

-Google XML Site Map,

-Search Engine friendly URLs

-Meta tags, Keywords phrases, titles, links, and alt tags added to all images.

-Built in SEO friendly structures.

-301 Redirects if you are replacing an existing website

Includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for every aspect & element of your website.

Submission and Verification with Google - making sure your business is on the map and search results!


We're located in sunny Sarasota Florida, but our client base spans the USA!

Get in touch with us and let us show you what we can do for your business.

The World is waiting for you!

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