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Why We Don't Use WordPress for Business Website Designs

We chose not to work with Wordpress several years ago. There are many reasons why we don't use WordPress for Business Websites, which are outlined below. But the main reason is that we are not coders, we are designers. 

Wordpress requires coding. There is no way around it, if you have a Wordpress website, you'll need a coder a few times a year- at minimum! 

Why Businesses Should NOT Use Wordpress

We want complete control over the websites we design, so when our customers want a change or specific design, we can go into their site without hesitation and make the changes, easily, quickly and beautifully! Wordpress is not a platform that allows this without coding knowledge. 

If you are looking to create a new website, we urge you not to use Wordpress as your new design platform, whether you choose Halo Creatives or's why

1. WordPress was designed for Blogging, and there are 95 million blogs currently on Wordpress. Yes Blogs, not dynamic comprehensive in-depth websites, meant to convert visitors into customers, members, sponsors or advertisers or to securely process payments. 

2. Developers can take you down a dark path of coding & customization. And unless you hire a coder, you won't be able to make true complete updates and changes to your new site.

3. Wordpress requires a lot of training, and even then it can become confusing unless you are a coder or have a coder on staff.

4. WordPress breaks down too frequently- Once you install WordPress, plugins will be downloaded into the site in order to increase the functionality of your website. While this may seem to be a good thing, it actually isn’t. That’s because each plugin will need to constantly be updated, which can be problematic especially if you have a lot of plugins on your site.

AND, WordPress usually needs to update every month or few months, and when this occurs, many of the modules or plugins on your site will stop working. Then you will need to enlist a coder/developer to help diagnose the problem and fix it. This is extremely painstaking, requires a lot of time and can cost you a significant amount of money. 

5. WordPress has Security Issues -There are hundreds, if not thousands, of security holes that exist in WordPress which makes it extremely easy for hackers, spammers and other people with malicious intent to target and hijack your website, which could cost you hundreds if not thousands to fix/remove should they succeed.

6. Wordpress uses stack design and contains a substantial quantity of code that needs to be loaded each time a page is displayed, which can cause issues, causing your website to be bloated and slow (see #7.) 

7. Wordpress sites can become very slow. Wordpress sites that are not constantly updated can become slow and bloated. All plugins also have to be updated. Plugins are developed by countless different coders and if they are not updated when Wordpress releases a new version, a new update, your website can become very slow. Wordpress updates are released several times a year due to hackers.

8. WordPress is not the only platform that works well with SEO!

9. Wordpress is just bad for small business & organizations because you will have to hire a coder to make updates every couple of months. You will not ever have complete control of design without a coder.

10. Content and Copyright issues- Their terms of service can indicate royalty-free access to your data and content in order to promote your website! This should be a concern for you.

11. Wordpress is a magnet for Spam Posting and Spam Posting Robots.

12. Wordpress offers No customer support. If you have problems, you have to turn to a coder or the internet for help.

13. Adding new pages and making changes easily to your website, is not possible with Wordpress, unless you are a coder/developer. It is not a simple platform.

We worked in Wordpress for years, but honestly, it was always fairly difficult. We now design our websites on a cloud based HTML5 platform that is super user friendly.

We want to empower our customers, business owners and organizations to be able to make their own website change and additions. And if they need our help- we are a phone call away! Plus, if our customers find they don't have the time to make their own changes, we are here to step in.

This post represents our own personal opinion from our experience and the experience of our customers.

Here is article from on Why You Shouldn't use Wordpress.

We are here to help- Give us a call 941-220-9722


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