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Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Vital to Your Business!

So you have a business and it's doing fairly well. You have a website and all your information is on it and people find you via your site. You're all set. Right?! WRONG! Technology is changing, so if you have not changed your website in the last 3 years, likely it is not mobile friendly and you're missing out on a lot of potential customers! What does that mean anyway? Mobile Friendly- I can see my website fine on my smart phone!

So you can see your website on your smart phone or tablet- BUT do you have to pinch and zoom in to read the menu bar or any of the content? If you answered Yes, then I'm sorry, your website is NOT Mobile Friendly. Mobile friendly simply means that your website auto adjusts itself to the device the viewer is using so everything fits nicely and is easily seen and read. If it does this, then your website is Responsive or Mobile Friendly.

Why is this so important? Well first and foremost stats are showing that a minimum of 50% of people are using their smart phones to look for businesses and services online! I said 50%- Can you afford to be missing 50% of your potential customers?? I didn't think so! More and more society is using technology on-the-go! Without a mobile friendly website, you're missing a tremendous amount of opportunity just to present your business to people!

Second reason a Mobile Friendly website is so vital to the growth of your business is that in April 2015 Google changed their search engine protocol. Read Google's Announcement here.

What does that mean- search engine protocol? Well in a nut shell if a person is searching online with their smart phone and your website is not mobile friendly, Google pushed your website BELOW YOUR COMPETITIONS Mobile Friendly site on every single search result. So if you sell widgets and your competitor sells similar widgets 2 blocks from you and has a mobile friendly website, there is a much greater chance his store will be found before yours- Your Competitor has an edge over you just because your website is NOT mobile friendly!

So here's the question of the year....... WHY ARE YOU HELPING YOUR COMPETITION?!

Go to your website from your own cell phone and you can tell immediately if it is Mobile Friendly!

If it's not mobile friendly- We can help! Give us a call at Halo Creatives 941-220-9722 or 330-256-1667 we're here to answer any questions you may have!

Here is a great example of a website BEFORE and AFTER!

Before- Non mobile friendly design

Halo Creatives Mobile Friendly Site Design


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