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What Does It Mean 'A Secure Website'?

What does it matter if my website is Secure or Not? We don't collect any information from our visitors, so why does this apply to me?

GOOGLE has set July 2018 as a major month for websites! Google has been pushing for all websites to be secure or encrypted. What this means to the average person is that the website is safe to browse.

Website Security is vitally important in this day of high tech, with hackers trying everything to get access to Your Personal Information!

Having a website that is marked NOT SECURE tells the visitor they might get a virus from your website, OR that it may even be a fake website trying to access my computer and my personal information??

So whether your website collects visitor's information or not, it's vital your website be SECURE!

Google Marks NOT SECURE on websites July 2018

How will Google mark websites NOT SECURE? Google has been warning for months that websites need to be secure (HTTPS- The S means secure). In July, Google Chrome will start marking all HTTP websites as NOT SECURE to educate consumers! Other browsers will follow soon after!

If you ignore this warning and do nothing- You might as well not even have a website!

As consumers become more educated, your visitor traffic will diminish AND your Search Ranking will also be worse as Google has added Security to their protocol for search ranking results.

You've invested in your business' website, so upgrade it to a secure platform IMMEDIATELY!

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