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"I Can Design It Myself" hurts my ears to hear this!

I think of myself primarily as a Graphic Designer. I have over 35 years of experience in print/TV/radio production... 12 years at a Fortune 500 company, and have served as a writer/co-producer of over 2,000 TV and radio commercials. Not to sound jaded, but, I've kinda seen it all.

But there are still things that I hear from potential clients that bug me like a mullet haircut on a 3 year old. Here are some examples:

• "I can design it myself." (even though I have zero experience)

• "My son can draw, so he will design my logo" (or some such nonsense)

• "I used to take art classes in high school, so I'll do my own design".

• "I sell car stereos, but I want to use a scuba diver on my logo" (or some other weird request)

Now I realize "the customer is always right", but sometimes you just have to say, no.

A good example is this website for our good friends at Active Lifestyles in Sarasota. Hank and his wife designed this site by themselves a few years back, but it didn't represent their business, their personalities or their wonderful brick and mortar store. PLUS, it wasn't a "responsive" website, so it was not viewable on smartphones or tablets.

sarasota web design, web design

I spent some time with Hank and explained that his website needed to be updated and made into a mobile friendly site. It wasn't easy for him, but he trusted Halo Creatives with his web re-design and today, he is a happy camper... or should I say, skiier?

One day about a month after his website was revamped, we got a call from a very happy Hank!

He trusted us with his design and advice and its paying off for them with increased revenues.

I believe he said, "we're having the best sales in the history of the store for the current year."

(We wish it was always like that)

sarasota web desin, web design

Getting back to the design aspects I was talking about earlier. If you hire a designer who truly is interested in you, your business and your reputation, you will get a beautiful website or graphic design that truly represents your business' culture and having increased revenues is a nice by product.

Give us a Call Today at 941-220-9722! We will help your business grow by drastically improving your online branding and message!


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