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5 Top Reasons Why Facebook Should Not Replace a Website!

Let’s face it, when it comes to starting a small business, most of us look for ways to reduce upfront costs. We all know that Facebook is free, easy-to-use and quite frankly an attractive option in promoting a business. So why bother with a website?

5 Top Reasons Why Facebook Should Not Replace a Website!

While social media platforms like Facebook have advantages, it should not be the face of your business nor should it be your first port of call. Rather, it should be a marketing tool to complement your website.

Your Website is Your Digital Storefront – The Face of Your Business

  • Over 80% of people use the internet to learn about a company BEFORE calling or going directly to the business.

  • Your website is your digital storefront. It is your online image and location where people expect to find contact information, a list of your products and services, images, reviews, pricing, and more.

  • Having a business website lends to your business’ credibility!

  • When a potential customer discovers that you only have a Facebook page, they will question your legitimacy and your passion for what you do.

If You Only Have a Facebook Page, You Will Struggle to be found in Searches

Companies require new leads to grow. While our loyal customers are great for business, new customers are necessary.

  • One of the best ways to generate new leads is through online searches. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actions taken on your website will increase your presence in search engine results.

  • Your website will organically rank in search results.

  • Facebook and other social media sites may help you to rank, but not on the first page of searches

  • Websites are absolutely necessary for SEO.

Facebook Prevents a Good User Experience

Facebook pages, and other social media pages, are very limited in the amount of content you can add. You can add a nice description and post daily updates, you cannot create pages of content about your company history, services, and examples of work, like you can on a website.

  • Viewers have to hunt for the basic details of your business on your FB page.

  • Your website gives you the flexibility to structure how information is displayed.

  • You can also integrate a blog within your website, lending to your expertise and passion. FB does not have this capability.

A Website Offers More Creative Freedom

From layout to colors to navigation, you can design a website that is unique and fits your goals.

Facebook allows for little creative freedom. If you want a truly original design that will reflect your business goals, you are going to need to invest in a website.

Facebook Has Limited Analytics and details about viewer visits

  • Website Analytics will show you how a sale was made, what path a visitor took through your site, bounce rates, number of visitors at a specific time of day, and so much more.

  • And these analytics free and can easily be added to your website, giving you amazing insights into how users are interacting with your website.

  • This information can help you grow by showing what visitor’s behavior on your website.

There is no denying that Facebook is a great social media site for businesses looking to expand their digital marketing strategies. However, Facebook should not be your home base.

Facebook should support your website, helping to drive customers and leads to a unique, highly functional location, where you have all of the control.

If you need assistance with creating a website or setting up/managing a social media page, give us a call, we’re here to help! Halo Creatives Group at 941-220-9722


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