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Business First Impressions are Critical!

Will you get a 2nd chance to make the BEST First Impression?

Question: How do you make your first impression with most new customers? Your answer might be, 'when they walk through our doors.'...but if you think about it, really the answer should be.....'Our Website!' How do you think these customers found you? Your website is most likely where the first impression is acquired on your business....SO HOW"S THAT WORKING FOR YOU??

Your website is Your online store front window! Today with the ever changing world of technology and consumers constantly searching the web on their smart phones, Your website is likely the very first impression you'll have with a customer!

So how is it looking? Have you updated your website in the last 2 years? If not - you need to right away! Your website represents your business and it's vital to your company's growth that it properly represents you on all the various devices that exist today!

Sarasota Website Design Company, Website Design Company in Sarasota Fl

Google's indexing changed back in 2018.....Mobile Friendly websites will beat out desktop standard websites on every search!

Something to think about if you have competition! Is your competition's website mobile friendly? If you answered YES, then you are actually helping your competitor!

Give us a call today 941-220-9722 or drop us an email. We are here to help you! We've been helping businesses like yours since 2009!


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